Learning to Home Make Your Pre-Quarantine Life.

Oh man I miss those days of living a life where everything would be opened and you’d be free to go wherever you’d like. To be able to roam the streets, eat out at your favourite sushi and pizza places, having that 1-2 hours of being alone to recoup your energy at the gym. I’m not quite sure how long this quarantine is going to last but this seems like it’s only still the beginning of everything. Now is a good time to learn a skill, one that will be useful and transferable to wherever you go in life.

Here are some things I have started doing at home to still get that pre-quarantine lifestyle.
I’m still working on this but at the beginning of this all I was a little bit smart so I went out to buy a pullup bar that I could hang on my door for $10 on Craigslist, that one was a steal. The person selling it was actually angry at me because he let his wife do the ad posting when he wanted to sell it for $15.

This pullup bar was good but this wasn’t enough for me, I needed weights but I WILL NOT be spending $400 on some weights because of
the laws of supply and demand. Prices on weights have gone up significantly.

Humans are adaptable, I am adaptable. I have decided to fill up some milk jugs/water jugs with water, this can get me
a varying level of weight depending on what I need probably up to 45lbs.

English Bay – Vancouver

With these homemade weights to change the weights you can fill up the jug
with sand half way to full then add or take away water to it depending on the weight you’d like.

-Cooking Sushi
I’m grateful to have a girlfriend that loves to cook, not only that she likes to cook but one that will cook me my favourite foods!
Here was my dinner last night; California Rolls, Dynamite Rolls, Chicken Teriyaki Rolls, California Roll w/ Salmon, Chicken Teriyaki on Rice and
you cannot forget two Diet Coke’s on ice!

Haircuts are a sign of good hygiene on men, I cannot have my hair get too long! Bye-bye hair!


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