Rules for Life – Draft



Things that work for me


Rules for life.

-Good things come to those who are responsible.

-Winners are trackers.

-Time, Money, Thoughts, Friends.

-The Compound Effect is always in action – 1% change a day = 3700% change by the end of the year.

-People overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year.

-Thoughts >> Actions >> Routine >> Habit >> Character >> Destiny.

-Your future can be predicted by lead actions; control your lead actions.

-Act within your area of control.

-Every day is a new day.



-Waking up early every day is a skill for champions.

-Build a routine.

-Think clearly by not allowing anger and love to cloud your thoughts.

-Being able to self-teach yourself.

-Your ability to learn is based on the questions you ask and your ability to understand the answer.

-When do you know you’re a master?

-Being able to find a mentor to boost your skills.

-Learn by creating a guide for your replacement.

-You don’t fully understand something if you cannot explain the subject easily to a layman.

-Figuring out who’s advice to listen to and not to listen to.

-Organization skills.

-Being able to be consistent.





-Do your best by putting in your all your effort into doing something.

-Find out what’s expected and exceed that expectation.

-Develop good self-care practices.





–You’re liked because

-You don’t try to change people.

-You have self-respect.

-You have good manners.

-A man is defined by his Character.

         -Become self-aware.

-You’re humble by allowing others to have their opinions even if you think they’re wrong.

-Pass on the favour by helping those who helped you along your journey.




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